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Series takes another look at one of Texas’ most controversial murder convictions

The Texas Center for Community Journalism at Texas Christian University is embarking on a statewide initiative to investigate one of Texas’ most celebrated murder convictions, the Darlie Routier case. The project is being underwritten by the Hood County News.

Kathy Cruz, staff writer for the News and a consultant in investigative reporting for the Center, is writing the series about the case and questions that have arisen about the verdict.  Routier is currently on death row awaiting execution.

The stories are being provided to community newspapers throughout the state free of charge.

The case has already spawned TV documentaries and books.  The Center is presenting this series because it highlights several controversial issues within the criminal justice system.  TCCJ does not take a stand on Routier’s guilt or innocence, but the Center hopes these stories will focus attention on these controversial issues about the way crime is investigated and prosecuted.

To download one of the files below, just click on the file name. The images will open in your Web browser and you can use File > Save to save the image to your computer. The text files will open in your computer's default text-editing program. For a description of the various images that are part of the project, see the file "Routier photos.doc". For the series logo you see on the right, see the file RoutierTCCJserieslogo.pdf.


Innocence Lost.rtf59.32 KB
Aunt_Sandy's_Notebooks.rtf58.15 KB
The Defense Calls Terry Laber -.rtf78.95 KB
The Price of Proving Innocence (Revisiting Routier).doc34.5 KB
Tale of the Tape.rtf56.06 KB
Jezebel.rtf59.81 KB
Burgers and fries and cherry pies.rtf53.4 KB
psycho.rtf49.96 KB
The Thin Blonde Line.doc33 KB
Crimefighter.rtf76.73 KB
911 Reel-to-Reel Tape.jpg90.75 KB
Arm wounds.jpg11.14 KB
Attorney Richard Burr.JPG34.24 KB
Aunt Sandy and Uncle Robert.JPG1.62 MB
Advocate and blogger Melissa Higgins.jpeg155.29 KB
Battle of Good and Evil.jpg606.68 KB
Brian Stull-ACLU.jpg6.92 KB
Coronado High School - Lubbock.JPG1.71 MB
Dallas DNA cart.JPG1.73 MB
Darin and Darlie formal portrait.jpg954.49 KB
Darin and Darlie in photo booth.jpg706.42 KB
Darlie - first grade.JPG72.21 KB
Darlie and newborn Damon.jpg82.18 KB
Darlie and the boys.jpg13.78 KB
Darlie at prom.jpg826.83 KB
Darlie defense donations_n.jpg56.1 KB
Darlie Kee.JPG1.67 MB
darlie_hospital.jpg10.76 KB
Devon and Damon.JPG16.83 KB
Family snapshot.jpg8.31 KB
Grading eyewitness ID policies #1.jpg690.32 KB
Hand wounds.jpg11.92 KB
Jerry Palace-Retired NYPD investigator-photo 1.jpg3.58 MB
Jury Note No. 1.jpg1.6 MB
Kerrville attorney Richard Mosty.jpg3.32 MB
Reel-to-Reel 911 Tape.jpg90.75 KB
Robert Sherwin-Texas Tech University School of Law.jpg10.59 KB
Sarilda Routier.JPG1.34 MB
Wrong Man interview.jpg6.12 KB
Charlie Samford - Routier juror.JPG1.52 MB
RoutierTCCJSerieLogo.pdf43.5 KB
Routier photos.doc40.5 KB